SM (Study Material)

Study Material for IIT-JEE.

  • This course is available for IIT JEE 2016 | 2017.
  • Study Material:¬†The course material is provided mostly in the form of eBooklets. These files are easy to read and take less space. More than 85 eBooklets are provided in the courses. Most of the files are in pdf format which is search enabled. Being search enabled means that student can find what he/she is looking for more quickly rather than turning pages. One can also ask the program (Adobe Reader 8 onwards) to read aloud which can be useful in theory dominated topics. To get a glimpse of our study material, have a look here (.pdf file). Many Smartphones & tablets also support reading .pdf files.
  • Crack the Problem Section Solutions: Study material files/area contains solutions to several original problems provided in Crack the Problem section.
  • Updates: Updates are synergised with classroom course making them frequent. The access to these updates is also provided. This is possible only in online course and is not possible in printed material. In eBooklets in our system, if the teacher believes that some theory needs to added or edited then it can be done on the same day and an intermediate release can be immediately distributed (say 5.1 version is intermediate release of the version 5) which is not practical to do in printed material (hard copy).
  • Access: Access to study material area includes access to study material along with links to simulations in Physics, Chemistry & Maths (Visual Physics, Visual Chemistry & Visual Mathematics). Online Calculus Calculators i.e. Online Integrator and many more are also provided in this area. The activation/upload of study material is periodic, i.e. it is like correspondence course. When updates are available, they are also put up.
  • Personalised attention/Doubts: With us you are not just a face in the crowd. Messaging system (built-in)/email support is provided besides access to forum to discuss the doubts. LIVE virtual classroom may also be used appropriately to answer doubts.
The fee details are provided here and here.
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