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10 Keys to Unplug IIT-JEE

IIT-JEE is about application of concepts learned through deep understanding. I have come across various IITians during the B.Tech. course at IIT Madras and afterwards in professional life. Though these IITians followed different ways to prepare for JEE, there are common traits. Hard working tendency leads the list. There hardly is any exception to this rule. Intelligence level is not necessarily very high but below average is a rare sight.
This makes two things clear:

1.Hard work.

2.Average/Above Average Intelligence.

I think the other traits that can bring out the best in a student are as follows:

3.Seeking personalised guidance by a professional trainer. There are too many coaching centres around and one needs to look at the quality which can only be imparted by personalised attention and experienced faculty.

4.Right selection of books. There are too many books around and one has limited time. This makes choosing right book extremely important. Right selection applies to the online courses and correspondence courses as well.

5.The right attitude. It is important to think positive and to concentrate in your study. There may be times of defeat but everyone has to go through them and keep going forever.

6.The habit of going into the depth of the subject and not just width.

7.The habit of choosing the right problems in the exam.

8.The right time management for school study and IIT-JEE study.

9.Choosing the way for recreation/relaxation suited best for you.

10.Other psychological factors like family support & stimulation of right brain using self-suggestion. Prayer may also help if you have faith in it.


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