• For Students: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 12th pass towards IIT entrance. 
  • For Teachers: Platform to run your online courses & courses to brush up you knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. 
  • For Schools/Institutions: Classes delivered directly to your premises & software services to run online courses from your own servers.

Live & Recorded Classes

IIT JEE Online LIVE & Recorded Classes (OLRC) are available anywhere for IIT entrance 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 conducted via world class virtual classroom systems. This course is suitable for students looking for live interaction besides recordings.

  • Notes are available as actual class audio-visual recordings with 24x7 access.
  • Low stable internet speed requirement in the LIVE class.

Study Material

Comprehensive Study Material with updates is available anywhere for IIT entrance 2016 | 2017 provided via the finest virtual learning environment for IIT JEE. It can be used on most tablets & smartphones also.

1On1 Classes

1On1 Sessions are available anywhere for specific needs. They are available in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry for 9th-12th level (including any national entrance exam, olympiad, SAT etc.).

Recorded Classes

Online Recorded Classes (ORC) are available anywhere for IIT entrance 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 recorded LIVE via professional virtual classrooms. It is the most suitable course for the students who want IIT coaching at their own pace. This course is also useful to those who want to supplement their studies and to those who want to strengthen weak area(s). Almost all classes can be downloaded for offline playback.

Test Series

Test Series is available for IIT JEE 2016 | 2017 (OETS) & IIT JEE 2018 | 2019 (OTS) conducted via the finest virtual learning environment for IIT JEE.

  • New pattern, innovative grading and question types included.
  • Tests activated earlier are available to new joiners. Flexibility of taking test at any time after activation.
  • Suitable for JEE Advanced + JEE Main etc. Know where you stand.
  • Supported on most tablets & smartphones.

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Companion to Schools, Institutes, Teachers & Students for JEE Coaching & Preparation

IIT JEE Online Live Classes on Computer, Tablet & Smartphone, Recorded Classes, Study Material, Test Series, Forums & More. Coaching is provided by IITian with 10+ years of teaching experience.

High Quality IIT JEE Courses covering JEE Main + JEE Advanced with Adequate Emphasis on NCERT. Attend classes from home without travel & safety concerns.

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