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Message to the Mains Qualified Students on B.Tech. Course Selection

The rating of IIT/branch depends on many factors, i.e. reputation, propects of getting scholarship in US for doing M.S., placement, environment in the institute for getting into management, infrastructure, faculty etc.

In the long run, it is more of an individual's effort that really pays irrespective of the IIT. The branch though may make a great difference to the future, especially when you want to do specialisation in a branch.

In a nutshell, I would recommend focus on a branch rather than focus on a particular IIT and this is my recommended rating(if nothing is specified, that means all IIT can be treated at par):

1. Computer Science

2. Electrical/Communication/Electronics Engineering

Except Kharagpur electrical and Delhi Power.

3. Kharagpur Electrical/Delhi Electrical Power Engineering.

4. Mechanical Engineering

5.Chemical Engineering

6. Aerospace Engineering

7. Biothechnology/Biochemical Engineering/Bioengineering

8. Production/Manufacturing/Industrial/Instrumentation/Energy Engineering

9. Engineering Physics

10. Civil Engineering

11. Metallurgical Engineering

12. Naval Architecture

13. Textile Technology

14. Food Engineering

15. Mining Engineering

16. Pulp and Paper Engineering

While opting for a course, it is also important that you look at your personal preference as well. The above rating can be treated as a thumb rule only.

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