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AIEEE: Students sandwitched between two political parties.

AIEEE is, so to say, the brainchild of the previous govt. at the centre.  The thought behind it being that the students are forced to appear for too many exams.  Why not have a single exam - an umbrella exam - which takes care of the admissions to different colleges.  AIEEE was introduced keeping this in mind.  After AIEEE was introduced, many colleges refused to take students through this exam.  Much of the teething trouble was taken care of in the second year of its introduction and it looked that the things were improving regarding this exam.  All the NIT joining AIEEE this year looked quite good and made it a compulsory and no.2 exam among students.  But, it was surprising to see that the state quota system continued in NIT which put a big question mark on the existence of this exam.  If the earlier system was also based on state quota system then what was the need to have a national exam like AIEEE is a natural question.  However, AIEEE succeeded to a much larger extent this year besides several problems.
Then, there was a change of govt. at the centre.  The new govt. believes that the colleges should have autonomy to select students the way they want to and therefore would not like to impose AIEEE on them.
Finally, a student not only will have to write AIEEE as all NIT and many other colleges have joined it, but also has to follow admission processes of other colleges like DCE and BITS Pilani as well who do not wish to join AIEEE.  The student anyway has to appear for JEE and the state level exam separately.
Eventually, who has paid the price for all this?

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