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u, r, 4, 8, b'coz..........

u, r, 4, 8....... have become the most used, "words" these days. Thanks to the SMS+chat culture and also due to the reason that most PC users are not trained in typing.

These, "words" are very convenient as they save the hassle of typing and convey the message at the same time.

However, I have started noticing them crossing the, "line of control" and breaching into the area of formal communication. This can be noticed in forums, emails etc.

When I first saw use of such slangs in a student's test paper answer booklet, which was handwritten, I realised that it had become a serious matter.

It is said that once habit is formed, it is very difficult to break it.

The student who wrote the test did it in the test because it was his/her habit to do so.

Most IIT Professors are not going to like it either when they see such, "words" while evaluating a student's answer booklet for JEE mains.

And so are the top executives of most companies when a student grows in his/her life and applies for a job and carries on with his/her habit.

It is in the interest of the students to refrain from such habit at least in formal communicative English.

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