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Annual technical festival at IIT-D

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I always felt that lack of focus towards practical training was something that seriously lacks in IIT system. If a mechanical engineer cannot open the engine of Hero Honda or an electrical engineer cannot overhaul a fan motor or a computer engineer cannot assemble a PC on his own, I personally consider that he/she is not worth the degree. The IIT system focuses too much on theory. Training in theory without its practical application can only make good software professionals who are almost zero as far as practical application is concerned. I cannot recall if an IIT alumnus ever got a Nobel award. Such events – like the one in IITD - are great as they do help in breeding practical thinking. I would recommend that IIT system should pay greater emphasis on practical application and research work. Students will take these things seriously only if these are given high credit. If weight age of theory is 90% and that of practical is only 10%, any intelligent student would focus on theory to get high score. The credit in practical should be increased substantially. Summer training in a corporation should be mandatory and should be evaluated by giving credits. The involvement of professors should be increased during projects that are done in the final year, which I think is the most important part of the course but is not taken seriously as one gets away easily.

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