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RE: about IITJEE

This letter and its reply may be of general interest:

The cut-off for screening has been around 40-45% which may change depending upon the toughness of the paper. Detailed statistics can be found at

The preparation for mains should automatically take care of preparation for screening. However, here are the recommendations for the objective questions since you asked:

Physics-H.C. Verma and MCQ (Bharti Bhavan)

Your job is to prepare and not to worry about the result. Fear will find no place if you think that way.

From: hemanth reddy
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 2:40 PM
To: 123iitjee
Subject: about IITJEE

Sir,My name is hemanth.i am preparing for JEE-2005 IN GENERAL CATAGEREY. which boks are prepared for screening.i had no idea about SCREENING CUTOFF.Nobody help me,so i am very feared about screening. what is the screening cutoff for JEE-2004,JEE-2003,JEE-2002.Atleast give roundoff figures.please help.......

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