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Re: The Final Theory

The question and its reply may be of general interest.  The reply is given in italics.

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From: sandeep


I found a book named "THE FINAL THEORY" BY MARK MCCUTHEON on your Blog uncovering the flaws in our present scientific principles and claiming the existence of "THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING".  Are the flaws pointed out correct and does there exist a single unifying principle which will cover all theories as stated in the book?

It is true that many things that you study are not fully correct and every phenomenon is not known or understood till date.  For example, Newton's law of gravitation is not completely correct.  This is quite normal in science.  As the knowledge increases and more sophisticated instruments are available for measurements, many past theories need refinement.  However, science has reached that stage when there are more refinements.  It seldom happens that something is proved completely wrong.

If you see Dr. H.C. Verma's book, "Concepts of Physics" part I in chapter, "Forces", you will find that he has mentioned four fundamental forces found in nature.  However, research work on weak force unifies it with electromagnetic force and combines both of them to what is called as electroweak force.  So, one can say that there are not 4, but only 3 distinct forces found in nature.

It was Einstein's dream in later part of his life to unify various laws of nature and give a unified theory.  Though he could not succeed in this direction, pursuit of this theory has become the objective of many researchers - including mine - in the field of Physics in the modern era.  Various names have been coined like GUT (Grand Unified Theory), TOE (Theory of everything), The Final Theory etc.  However, till date there is no universally accepted theory that can unify everything and presently it looks as if it will take time to formulate one.  I personally believe that there must be something that unifies everything.

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