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Future of IIT-JEE

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  • I think that it is reasonable to assume that there would be no major change for IIT-JEE 2006.
  • The process to make education a less stressful experience for the students, the govt. has been working towards educational reforms since quite some time. AIEEE was born out of this thought (perhaps wrongly!). JEE is also a part of this process. All the news that comes in the newspapers and other media relates to such progress in talks. It does not mean that a policy is made. A policy is made only when it is officially declared. One should also not forget that IIT are autonomous. An earlier policy of government regarding IIM was not accepted by them and it became a big issue.
  • The direction in which this exam is likely to take shape in future (JEE 2007 onwards) I think is as follows: (a) All objective questions based paper, though the questions will be quality questions (b) A minimum percentage marks in class 10'th/12'th as the eligibility criteria (c) Online tests (d) Limit in number of attempts (e) Some more trivial modifications not worth mentioning at this point.
  • My advise to students would be not to pay attention to anything unless an official announcement is made. The preparation should be done from the high difficulty level point of view. This type of preparation takes care of both the difficult and the simple type of question papers.

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