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Comments by Students/Parents

Here are some comments made by students/parents. The focus of discussion right now is the sudden change in eligibility criteria affecting thousands of students.

jayant gupta
posted: 14-Sep-2005 17:27

respected sir,
my name is jayant gupta i have saved 59% in 12 in 2004.i had face iit jee entrance last year but could not quolify. but i am doing very hard work for iit jee and i can beat the entrance surely. but according to your new roules i can't take part in iit jee i request you please cancle these boundation and let me take part in this comptition. thankyou

posted: 14-Sep-2005 15:35

students who had mentally prepared for iit seems to have been wasted there yrs studying for iit.Those who have totaly devoted there time in studying for iit and have not scored good marks in 12th are also suffering. This half yr is allready passed n students have wasted there half time in preparing on there half track they cannot go for aieee so this is a kind request that this patern should be in power after 2006 so that people may get chance to think. thank you

Nishant Krishna
posted: 14-Sep-2005 14:15

hi, i am preparing for IIT from last 2 years.the recent change in JEE pattern is not very good thinking by indian government,i strictly oppose this system.

posted: 14-Sep-2005 09:47

this is absurd to introduce the changes from 2006. it leaves those students aimless who are droppers

sanjay kumar singh
posted: 14-Sep-2005 07:26

this decesion doesnot seems logical . i have not any problem regarding changes in formet . i have only problem regarding why decision is taken in mid session . lots of student already taken decision to drop this year .many student left onther courses in verious institiute only for jee.i too left aieee counsing so it should implemented from 2007or after

dinesh kumar
posted: 13-Sep-2005 20:05

I am not agree with new eligiblity of 60 percent in IIT Entrance Examination . Becauce,this is a compition and any one can suceed in it who is hardworking.even if he has got 50 percent.

deepak moolchandani
posted: 13-Sep-2005 09:04

what they do that they did'nt think about the students which are 3-4 years drppers what they will do now they might be inform before the session start
this is not good

b durga pradeep
posted: 13-Sep-2005 08:08

it's really unfair to restrict the no of attempts to 2 i think students should be given one more chance and implement the eligiblity from jee 2007

I personally think that the following changes will be taken back for this year and some/all of them will be communicated by 17'th September evening or by 30'th September.
  1. More than 2 attempts to be allowed till JEE 2006.
  2. Students who have taken admission in IIT but who want to impove their ranks to get the branch of their choice may be allowed to take JEE 2006.

The policy makers have not indicated yet towards the relaxation in 60% criteria for JEE 2006.

Whether JEE should be made easy or not is another issue. This issue needs to be looked at from global perpective.

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