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IIT JEE Eligibility Issue Becoming Political

First it was Mr. Pramod Mahajan who apparently has written a letter to Mr. Arjun Singh requesting him to give at least 3 years time to the students before making changes in eligibility.

Now, it is Mr. Mulayam Singh who has opposed the eligibility issue saying that the poor will be affected if this is implemented.

The student unions are already taking active parts in demonstrations. It is unfortunate that JEE aspirants have to do it - they better be studying. However, they are not doing it by choice.

The outcome of today's meeting will be crucial. On 15'th, there were a few positive indications. However, there have been some negative indications as well - especially on 16'th. If the critical issues are not resolved in this meeting, I guess the parents and students would left with no choice but to go to the court.

In that situation the preparation of students is bound to get affected. Right now also their minds are filled with confusion. If the matter goes to court, the status of confusion will still prevail till the court gives judgement. This will certainly hamper their preparation.

To make the situation worse, the announcement of AIEEE 2006 is still awaited and one cannot deny about any changes in it at this point of time.

At this point, one has to only think about the thousand of students who are adversly affected by the new eligibility restrictions. Whether it is justified by coaching institutes to charge 40,000/50,000 Rs. per year is another issue.

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