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IIT JEE Reforms and Critical Issue

Yesterday's evening press release has come up with one element of surprise. As such there is nothing wrong with the reforms and one examination system is welcome but there is a very serious element from implementation point of view. The press release talks about the changes from JEE 2006. The policy makers seem to have forgotten about the students who started preparing for JEE 2006 earlier without knowing about the new eligibility conditions. After all when they decided to start preparing for JEE 2006, there was no such prior notification. Many students did not join NIT, BITS Pilani and other reputed institutes to pursue their IIT dream. Had they known that they would not be eligible to write JEE again, they would not have wasted one year.

Whenever one has to bring reforms in the system, they should be brought in slowly - especially, such critical issues like eligibility. It is a question of playing with the career of a number of students.

The best thing is to apply the modified eligibility requirements from JEE 2007 onwards. The parents of the students need to take steps to let the concerned persons know about this aspect via direct contact to the media, HRD and IIT Directors.

I personally think that such a move will work towards the removal of eligibility requirements modifications for JEE 2006 since it is based on merit.

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