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IIT JEE Simplified and Olympiads

Looking at the representation from India in International Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry one can notice that many of the students among participants have qualified in JEE attaining top ranks. A student is more concerned about his/her career than taking part in competetions like olympiad where career is not at stake. Hence, in general a student is likely to prepare for an entrance examination that decides his/her furture than an olympiad like exam. Till now, JEE has been a tough exam. Though the toughness has been below the olympiad level, the preparation for JEE has helped a candidate to compete for olympiad as well.

Now, the question is, when JEE is made easier will candidates from India be able to compete in olympiads as well considering the significant difference in difficulty levels? Or competetion among students will always be there due to limited intake which will drive them to maintain the same standards?

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