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Reforming School Education

A class 11th student in CBSE is not exposed to Calculus in Mathematics but has to face Calculus throughout Physics. There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. Remove the usage of Calculus from class 11th Physics curriculum.
2. Include Calculus in class 11th.

Following first approach would mean lowering the standard of Physics education to unacceptable level. It appears to me that the second approach is the best way to move forward. If including all parts of Calculus in class 11th is looking too much then the Calculus course may be divided into two parts. The fundamental concept and certain techniques must be included in class 11th and the more advanced techniques may be included in class 12th.

This approach may help students learn Physics in a better way. Physics, incidentally is the most feared subject among students according to the poll conducted at .

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