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What some students say when asked, "Do you think that IIT will get quality students if they set a simple high scoring paper?" and on IIT-JEE new pattern:
(Watch out for also for more!)
Gunarnav Dutta posted: 17-Oct-2005 17:53

I think the new pattern is much improved to select good students. It is the scanning copy of SAT. The IIT experts always try to improve quality education. It will give an opportunity to thousands of poor hardworking students. Remember the prestige of IIT was spread all over the world by poor students only.Not by the sons of kings who now a days are getting into IIT by means of high guidance purchased through money.

ankit singh posted: 17-Oct-2005 15:46

how can an institute get good students by easy paper. they can only get laborious students. the real good students can get selected by doing a tough paper which laborious students could not do.

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