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Do you think that IIT will get quality students if they set a simple high scoring paper......

What some students say when asked, "Do you think that IIT will get quality students if they set a simple high scoring paper?" and on IIT-JEE new pattern:

posted: 18-Sep-2005 11:37
i think that iit will get quality students even if the paper is set easy because for those quality students who can answer such tough questions will hava an easy time with an easy paper and will do much better.

shreyans jain
posted: 22-Sep-2005 20:23
no,they'll nt get high quality students...coz those boys with mugging quality will enter iits instead of those having brains....

posted: 1-Oct-2005 03:31
IIT was made to encourage good scientist and engineers but with this objective type of paper it will just test their speed and accuracy. yes it's true their will be analytical skills but still top ranks will shuffle just because of accuracy and not analytical skills.

K.S.Praharshit Sharma
posted: 1-Oct-2005 14:42
A simple high scoring paper is more challenging and proves marginally suicidal and is, in my opinion the real test of a student's skill because not only should he prepare in such a way as to answer those pool of questions which most,if not everbody answers, but also answer those crucial questions which would ensure him relative betterment and success --the jee 2005 mains paper is an evident example of this.Morover,if the paper is tough and multi-tier,the respective drawbacks are that if a student knows a set of topics so well that he can answer highly tough questions from the same(assuming one or two are asked from the same one)then it becomes purely a matter of luck;regarding muti-tier nature,it so happens that a student has the potential to do far better in later trials than those who qualify for the same,without qualying the pre-requisite trials--this is no humbug--its proven!!which is a collosal loss to the IITs to miss such "bright" students(to win all battles is not important,but to win the war).Therefore a single war fought by every iit aspirant is the best,to their best.The limited attempts-introduction is a very good since all the candidates giving the jee in that particular year have almost the same level of mental maturity thus ensuring fairness(after all,war should be amongst equals!!)apart from saving their lives literally from the clutches of "ONLY IIT ho!ho!"which prompts them to sacrifice the otherwise beautiful college-life for giving 3-4 attempts.Lastly making the XII board exam as the qualifying examination really de-stresses the candidate since his primary aim should be to concentrate well for the boards,thus removing the 'for long-reccurent' dilemma of whether to sacrifice boards for iit or iit for boards.On the whole single-tier mode of evaluation by itself seems to be the ultimate winner for not only has it been succesful for over 45 years as the selection process for the coveted ring of iits ,but also the double-tier system is now held withdrawn just within 6 years of its implementation proving its discontent among all--students,parents and even the iit authorities alike forcing its predecessor to take place agin in the history of JEE leave alone "SIMPLICITY AND OBJECTIVITY",take alone (into consideration) its innovative comprehensive and analytical nature!!!
Mind you its a dream come true for me!

posted: 2-Oct-2005 09:44
quality students can be selected only through tough paper

posted: 2-Oct-2005 10:03
iit can not do so because they want students with analytical ability not students with high learning power.

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