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Do you think that IIT will get quality students if they set a simple high scoring paper......

What some students say when asked, "Do you think that IIT will get quality students if they set a simple high scoring paper?" and on IIT-JEE new pattern (continued from the post of Oct.06/2005):

himanshu thakur 16-Oct-2005 16:23
Tension and fear may discomfort some geniuses reqiured for the IIT but life outside iit is tougher as you have real life exams, so simply giving high scoring exams would not test the students with logic. IIT is not meant just to get admission or to study great books at great environmnet but to prepare for real life problems.

dedeepya 16-Oct-2005 06:39
No I don't think so. And I don't even agree with this new pattern because there is no difference between good talented studet and an average student like me. And any average student now a days can get 60% in I.P . The limit should be atleast 80% so that IIT will get quality students.

T.V.S.Mani 15-Oct-2005 06:45
The standards in education should be in keeping with international levels for students to make effective contributions in their chosen fields to face the competition in a golbalised economy that we are part of today. Students must be motivated to be interested in learnig the concepts involved as the advanced syllabii in schools require from the 9-th std level by teachers assessing them by proper feed-back and motivating promising students to plan and attain the proficiency required. There is no guarantee for this in setting a simple scoring paper. The studennts today are very bright and motivating them by raising thieir zeal to master basic concepts and their curiosity which the aspiring students have in abundance at the late school level is in my opinion the right thing.

Ritu 10-Oct-2005 17:25
Well, i don't think so because i have seen lot's of students who have such a cramming power,that they can give answers by just reading them if they have read.Most of the times they do'nt know the actual concept behind that question, they just cram the formulae.

dr p. kumar 10-Oct-2005 07:47
the old system of double filter stands good as lot no. appearing in jeecan be screened , mains can still further screen the best of the students its absolutely foolish to dont check their thorough theoretical knowledge ,objectives can be chance game & not true evaluation

RAHUL KUMAR 8-Oct-2005 10:25
from my point of view the new pattern would be tough for brilliant studend,as students might take chances and might also get more marks. but if u see altogether it is a good ligtens the burden of students

ramachandra rao p 6-Oct-2005 07:08
filtring/selecting by one type of Examination willnot get high quality students and allowing so many attemptsalso reduce quality of students selected

Pranshul 2-Oct-2005 10:03
iit can not do so because they want students with analytical ability not students with high learning power.

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