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Negative Marking in IIT JEE 2006

The notification on 1'st October was silent about negative marking. Negative marking is generally there in objective questions based papers like IIT-JEE Screening (last year)/CAT/AIEEE etc. The philosophy behind it is to avoid wild guessing but to promote intelligent guessing to some exent. Hence, at this point it is reasonable to expect that there is a high probability of negative marking in JEE 2006. Though it can be -1/3 as it was last year screening or it can be -1/4 or something else. The details of marking scheme are expected to be announced in the information brochure that will be made available from 28'th Novermber 2005.

PS: It may be interesting to note that certain international exams have removed negative marking and are following the method of adoptive testing.

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