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Re: Seeking Advice

respected sir, i have a problem with maths that if i have completed a chapter and if i am revising the chapter again(through problems) after some days i don't feel myself as comfortable with the chapter as i was when i was first time doing it feels that as if have forgotten the chapters. it also happens that if i had cracked a problem earlier with a very fine method ,the next time when i do it i solve it with a very lengthy method.sir, i know that i have aptitude for maths and when i do a chapter i am at its highest peak of performance but my problem is that i am not consistent with my performance in that this inconsistency in maths makes me loose very much time as i have to repeatedly revise chapters theory after few days. please advice me as i may eradicate this prob. of mine....thank you

Danish Ishtiaq Khan
Learning is a process of programming brain. Programming brain is a bit different from programming hard disc as the methods of storing and retrieving data in these two are different. Brain requires several rewrites for the information to deeply embed into it. While problem solving, one needs to retrieve the information stored in the brain. Understanding process makes embedding and retrieval better. Without getting into the complexity of what goes on inside the brain, the following points can be relevant to you:
  1. Understanding can be enhanced if things can be seen in wider perspective. While doing a topic, one can try to be aware of its broader applications and linkages with other topics.
  2. Understanding can be better if data is written repeatedly and hence periodic reviews are essential.
  3. Many of us experience sudden flash of thoughts which help us solve difficult problems suddenly. These flash of thoughts are the work of sub-conscious mind. As information travels deeper, it travels to the sub-conscious mind from conscious mind. Auto-suggestion can help you to get more out of your mind. Auto-suggestion means telling yourself repeatedly that you have ability to accomplish your goal, surrounding yourself with positive thoughts etc. Sticking quotes that you believe in places near your vicinity helps in invoking this latent power of the mind. Looking at the pictures of your idols does the same job. Faith in something also arouses the latent power inside the brain to give high level of performance.

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