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JEE 2006: A Review

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43.50% freshers selected in comparison to 28.49% last year is indeed a great increase. This is a startling figure and says a lot about ability to adjust in new exam situations. Note that it was the last attempt for the droppers and they would have gone all out to crack JEE. The figure shows that the sudden change in pattern has helped those who could adjust better in new situation rather than those who were groomed in traditional formats of coaching.

1 tier exam has reduced the stress on the students.

Around 51% more students took JEE this year as compared to last year. This was expected. Had students not appeared for it they would have wasted an attempt. Note that JEE can be taken only twice -one in the year of qualifying exam and one in subsequent year. Also, there were many rumours that JEE was going to be easy due to its objective nature and that could have increased the participation.

While the total number of students taking JEE increased by around 51% as compared to last year, the female participation increased by 101%. This may be due to significant fee reduction apart from the reasons mentioned above. However, the % selection of females has shown only marginal increase. There has been a little % increase in students selected from towns and villages.

If JEE 2007 is made more unpredictable then taking online tests will expose students to different types of grading systems used worldwide along with different types of questions.


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