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NCERT Textbooks

It has been a pleasure to see the quality of NCERT textbooks improving in the recent years. Now, the move to make the books available online (here) may be a trend setter. Looking at the developed countries and standard textbooks, one can be convinced that this is the way to go. Standard book should have support site and electronic text. This system has many advantages like ability to find quickly what one is looking for using search function, animations, powerpoint files etc.

Some changes in syllabi are also welcome. Out of the changes, the one change I had pointed out at has taken place. Now, calculus is introduced in class 11'th itself in Mathematics. This is great as it is essential to understand class 11'th Physics. However, the calculus syllabus includes functions, limits and differentiation. I think an introduction to integration with some basic formulae is essential to make a student understand Physics.

PS: In the NCERT eBooks link mentioned above, I have experienced problems opening .pdf files with Adobe Acrobat Reader versions 7 and 6, however have not faced any issues with version 4.

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