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Subjective Vs Objective

If IIT JEE is objective exam then should one prepare doing subjective questions?

According to the new pattern IIT JEE, there is lot of emphasis on, "comprehension" and "analytical ability". Comprehension simply means understanding things at deep level and it does not just imply linked comprehension type of questions. Analytical ability means application of what has been comprehended in different/new situations. Essentially this is what IIT JEE has been over many years. The objective paper is a good friend of teachers who are made to evaluate lakhs of subjective answer copies. One can easily see that Olympiads toppers continue to do well in IIT JEE. Olympiads are subjective type of exams which test deep understanding ability and problem solving approach with greater difficulty level than that of IIT JEE. Objective questions in IIT JEE are like subjective questions in new bottle. However, keeping in view the fact that a student must be prepared to handle new situations in addition to comprehension, a student should do subjective problems and innovative objective problems. At the end of the day, it is his/her understanding and application that are going to sail him/her through.

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