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Indians - Believe in Yourself

As India continues to rise, the belief in Indians that they are nothing less is important. The dominance of the western world, western names in science and other fields may make a non-westerner start doubting his/her own abilities.

Any student of science/maths gets to hear about more and more western names given the credit for inventions/discoveries. Many voices have been raised by different people in India to claim otherwise on several fronts. But, these voices have not risen to enhance each other collectively but have been raised singularly.

Students of science/maths at 10+ level know about the importance of calculus. One can not imagine about learning Physics without being exposed to calculus. When one learns chapter on gravitation, one can occasionally read that calculus was invented by Newton and Leibniz. One can find the mention of the same names while learning calculus. The following is mentioned in page 319, new NCERT maths eBook for class 11th:

Here is a good news to cherish and to make us believe in our abilities:

Calculus Created in India 250 Years Before Newton: Study

The progress of a civilisation largely depends on the dreams of the people. Dreams are influenced by role models. It is important that the hidden real heroes are brought into the limelight. I hope that revelations like this invoke self-belief, inspire dreams leading towards achievement and contribution.

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