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Online IIT-JEE Test (OETS/OTS) Via Mobile

Objective test does not require typing a lot and if it can work in mobile just fine then it can have a great utility especially when electrical power reliability is an issue. Mobile phone handset and service provider of course must support this. Here is the screenshot of a part of the test I performed using N73 at courses management system at in a part of OETS 08. The timer works fine (N73 browser supports javascript), there was no problem with cookies (cookies must be enabled for login and there is no problem with that). Images display properly and equations look great. Options can be chosen (text size adjustment helps which is provided in the browser of the handset) for different types of questions (like JEE 2006/2007 types) and finally questions are graded just fine along with the answers given with feedback etc. after the test is submitted. The review of the test shows everything the way it should be. Those students having access to mobile internet can give it a try.

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