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IIT Entrance 2013: Compromise Formula

Subsequent to the meetings of JAB & IIT Council, the following has been worked out for IIT Entrance 2013:

  1. JEE-Main is to be treated as IITJEE-Screening. 1,50,000 (not 50,000 as reported by some media, see the videos below showing briefing by Prof. Man Mohan Sharma after the meeting) students overall would be selected from JEE-Main. These students will write JEE-Advance on another day which could be after 1 month to 1&1/2 month after JEE-Main. The performance in JEE-Advance alone will decide the ranking for admission into IITs.
  2. The eligibility requirement of min. marks in board in respective categories is to be replaced by min. 80 percentile (top 20% ranks) in respective categories.

While the above developments make some major points clearer, some additional aspects still need to be clarified, like:

  1. How would the percentile requirement be checked for droppers.
  2. While JEE-Main is objective type entirely, is JEE-Advance also going to be objective type or will it be fully subjective type or will it be a hybrid of objective and subjective types.
  3. Now, as it appears, that JEE-Main is the main exam for other CFTIs, participating states for their govt. colleges and participating private colleges, it needs to be worked out how much weightage is to be given to the JEE-Main exam itself and 12th board in these institutes. This of course can take some time as different states/colleges can opt for different combinations. However, the formula needs to be worked out for at least other CFTIs at the earliest.
  4. Earlier it was proposed that 5 subjects will be considered for 12th board performance. This also needs to be clarified & elaborated.

PS: The press release concerning the IIT Council meeting of 27/06/2012 can be seen at

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