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What does MHRD/IIT Council do now?

Now that IITK and IITD Senates have resolved to conduct entrance exam which is different from what was decided by MHRD/IIT Council and there are good chances that IITB, IITKgp and IITR Senates may do the same, the ball is in MHRD/IIT Council’s court. The question is what will the MHRD/IIT Council do next to save their face and prevent division among various IITs concerning their admission processes. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Further amendments can be made in the earlier new proposal (refer for the admission procedure to bring the Senates on board by arriving at a compromise formula. For example, in place of adding 50% of percentile score to 50% of JEE-Main marks, there can be a requirement to be among top certain % (in other words, min./cut-off percentile) in respective board to be able to get admission into IITs. One can of course debate on how much min. percentile should be kept for IITs like 70 (top 30%) or otherwise. Since, current requirement is min. 60% marks in 12th board, this will simply become certain top % ranks instead. In this scheme, JEE-Main will be equivalent to IITJEE–Screening and JEE-Advance will decide ranks in IITs. Even a high rank in JEE-Advance would not guarantee admission into an IIT as certain top % condition would need to be met. JEE-Advance can be conducted on a different date by IITs and can have some subjective component.
  2. The decision of the Senates to conduct separate entrance can be challenged on legal grounds (refer
  3. The new admission process can be kept for the participating institutes letting Senates go ahead with their own admission process who choose not to participate.
  4. In stead of creating division among various IITs’ entrance procedures, let them conduct JEE for 2013, just the way they conducted JEE in 2012 and earlier and implement the new proposal for other CFTIs. In this case JEE-Advance may be done away with.
  5. Make absolutely no changes for year 2013, whether it is for IITs or for other CFTIs and continue with the reform process from year 2014 onwards. If this option is followed, AIEEE stays for 2013 at least.

One can make own judgement on which option out of the above is most suitable. 2013 aspirants however, should not let these things affect their preparation. They should just concentrate on their work (refer Section-II at

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