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Why divide, why not find middle path for 2013?


IIT Kanpur Senate has decided to conduct JEE type entrance exam for IIT Kanpur separately. While this should send a strong message against top-down approach, there are some points as per Ordinance 3.2 itself (refer for point 1 below) & IIT Act (refer for points 2, 3, 4 & 5 below) worth considering,

  1. IIT Kanpur Senate resolution 1.b dated June 8, 2012 says, “In view of the Senate resolution adopted in its 2011-12/9th meeting held on April 10, 2012, invoking Ordinance 3.2 the Senate resolves that IIT Kanpur will conduct the entrance examination for admissions to its undergraduate programmes in 2013”. However, as per Ordinance 3.2, “The Admission of Indian Nationals to the B. Tech., B. Tech.-M. Tech. (Dual Degree)and M.Sc. (Integrated) Programmes shall be made once a year on the basis of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) conducted jointly by all the IITs”. If Ordinance 3.2 says that JEE is to be conducted jointly by all IITs, it is not clear how can the Senate of a particular IIT decide to conduct entrance examination for its own institute?
  2. As per 13.1, the board has the power to review the acts of the Senate.
  3. As per 13.2.e, the board of the institute can cancel or modify ordinances. (Note: As per 11.e, the board will have two professors of the Institute, to be nominated by the Senate besides other people as mentioned in 11.a, 11.b, 11.c & 11.d.)
  4. As per 9.3, the President of India may take such action and issue such directions as he* considers necessary in respect of any of the matters dealt with in the report (refer 9.2) and the Institute shall be bound to comply with such directions. As per 33.2.e, Council can, “Advise” the President of India in respect of any function to be performed by him* under this Act.
  5. As per 33.2.a & 33.2.b, the Council itself has some powers especially with regards to laying down policy in the current context.

If parties involved are convinced that they disagree and the debate/battle will continue, would it not be better just for 2013 to,

(i) not implement new JEE and postpone it to 2014 keeping everything as it is.


(ii) not implement new JEE and postpone it to 2014. Let existing JEE itself be considered for IITs, NITs, IIITs etc.


(iii) implement new JEE and screen students in new JEE for 2013 year for admission into IITs taking into account the performance in 12th board as one of the factors based on the following points and select the students on the basis of JEE-Advance alone,

(a) x times calculation for screening (x > 5) to minimise error due to error propagation (refer


(b) decrease the percentage weightage of 12th.

* Incidentally, the President of India has been assumed to be male.

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