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Holistic Education

Here is a class (embedded below) with a difference; it contains what is normally not taught in typical technical education course. The class is conducted by Prof. Devdas Menon, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras as the last class in the course on Advanced Structural Analysis in 5th semester.

It is known that the life in the form of biological activities associated with the word, "living" has limited period of existence. This life could be worth living if,
a) one lives with fulfilment - not just with momentary pleasures - by doing what one is meant to do and
b) there is some net output of the, "living" process for the person himself/herself which for a general observer appears to be naught as nothing is carried by the person himself/herself after he/she ceases to exist.

Regarding (a), right from the early childhood to school & college years and if necessary beyond, one/others needs to watch out carefully, what is it that one really has got talent and inclination for. Just scoring high marks in school exams in particular subject(s) does not decide what you are meant to do but if something takes you to the trans state, it is quite likely that you are meant to do something related to that. Point (b) takes us into spirituality discussion about which I may write later.

Education in schools & colleges should not just deal with usual subjects, it should also help student find his/her purpose of life and meaning of existence.

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