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JEE 2013 Compromise Formula – Important Tweaking / Reconsideration for IITs

After the compromise formula, there has been some clarity about new JEE but some tweaking may be expected (hopefully) after the details are discussed by various IIT Senates. This tweaking can especially be for the requirement of min. 80 percentile and about shortlisting 1,50,000 candidates for JEE-Advance. Out of these two, I consider 80 percentile eligibility tweaking to be crucial as going by some media reports (official data awaited), this may mean substantial increase in 60% 12th board eligibility requirement for some boards. If 60% requirement is suddenly increased to 78% for example then it does not make sense to me. I would rather recommend something like 70 percentile (refer initially which can be changed in future if required. The eligibility requirement for droppers with respect to performance in 12th board needs to be mulled over. If droppers are to be given an option to write 12th board in 2013 then will their performance be considered as a separate 80 percentile for their applicable & separate category? 80 percentile requirement can be harsh on those students who are going to write 12th for the first time in 2013 if repeaters are considered along with them (imagine for example 78% becoming 80%+ straight from 60% due to large number of droppers writing 12th again in 2013, how unfair that would be). Alternatively, why not consider the existing 60% requirement in 2012 for 12th board for droppers who are going to write JEE again in 2013 in stead of making them write 12th again in 2013 which may be convenient for them as well.

As far as students are concerned, they just need to concentrate on their preparation. While the period of some uncertainly may linger on for a while, one just needs to move on with the regular work. IIT JEE is known for changes and people at the top need to learn to cope up with some stress. Here are a few lines of a song worth considering (hopefully, I will find time to do longer recordings later):

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