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JEE Advanced 2013 Chemistry Chemical Kinetics Solution


In the reaction,

P + Q \to R + S

the time taken for 75% reaction of P is twice the time taken for 50% reaction of P. The concentration of Q varies with reaction time as shown in the figure. The overall order of the reaction is

(A) 2                                                         (B) 3
(C) 0                                                         (D) 1



Since, \frac{{d[Q]}}{{dt}} = const. the order does not depend on [Q]. Clearly, the reaction is zero order w.r.t. Q.

For first order reaction it takes one half life for 50% completion and two half lives for 75% completion. Clearly, the reaction is first order w.r.t. P.

Hence, overall order = 0 +1 = 1 (D).

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